Foodies’ Picks was born in early 2020 during Corona virus pandemic lockdown.

The idea for what became Foodies’ Picks sparked long before that bat hit the market. It happened in spite of the lockdown, not because of it.

For years, we’ve engaged with foodies of the world, tasting and promoting cuisines of many different countries.

Over the years, we’ve learned that no two foodies are alike. They come in all genders, colors, shapes and sizes. They come from different cultures, backgrounds and senses of humor. Some love to prepare food, other just eat it. Some prefer fancy restaurants and beautiful presentations, others next door diners with authentic feel, or home cooked meals. Some follow the recipe to the teeth, others use it as an inspiration.

What we all have in common is the love of things that we eat or drink to give us nutrients and energy to enable us to live our fullest life, and different things that go hand in hand with them.

Foodies’ Picks takes what helps us express that and puts it in one place. It collects the minds and tastes of different foodies and presents it in a helpful and meaningful way.

Take a look around the site and find something you like for yourself or a foodie in your life.

Share something with us and the foodie community.